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About Tree Removal

Tree removal is our most popular service. There is no doubt that it is the most significant service we offer. Tree removal is not overly complicated, but it requires skill and the proper equipment. Vail Tree Service has been in the business of removing trees in Hendersonville since 2001. We have eliminated all types and sizes of trees.

Our process begins with one of our team members visiting your home or company to inspect the tree to be eliminated. During our visit, we will evaluate if our equipment can go through your area. We will then provide you with a verbal quote followed by a written estimate given by one of our staff. 

The written quote will include detailed information on the service cost, approach, and our license and insurance documentation. By then, we can already set the best time when we can remove your tree. We can execute the job in about a week from when we schedule it.

Tree Removal Hendersonville

At the time of our scheduled tree removal, one of our representatives will phone you to confirm the time our team will arrive at the location. We have a two-hour arrival window. It is possible that we come a little early or late because we are making sure our previous client is completely satisfied.

Our removal tree process begins with the team foreman designating staff members to different roles. Our team usually consists of a ground service crew, clean-up personnel, a lead cutter, and a branch cutter. Tree removal starts with chopping off the limbs of the tree, beginning at the crown and going down to the ground. Regardless of the equipment we use, we will remove the tree branch by branch, taking down each limb safely to the ground. 

One of our team members will continue to reduce it once it is put to the ground. We will go on with the process until we only have the trunk to work on. We will finish the process by cutting the major trunk off to a level fit for grinding, or we can cut it to a size you wish. Our ground-service staff will keep the location free of tree limbs and debris during the whole process.

When the tree has been cut to just the stump, you can choose the stump to be eliminated or ground. If you decide to have the stump ground, we will chop it closest to the ground for easier grinding. Doing this will aid our Vermeer stump grinder for an easier grinding process. We can put all the wood away, or we can pile it in any place near your property. After we’re done with your tree, we will not leave any marks from our stay. We will keep everything clean and in place.

We are totally aware that tree removal could be expensive, but there are times that removing your tree is the best option, especially if it is creating a hazard for you and other nearby structures. At Vail Tree Service, we value your money, so we do our best to render our service at the most affordable price. In addition, we offer payment plans to help you with your budget.

Residential Tree Removal

When it comes to residential tree removal, our company offers professional service at an affordable cost. Our experienced team handles everything from small tree limbs to larger branches and even emergency situations. We understand the importance of safety and work efficiently to remove trees without damaging your property. 

Whether you need a single tree removed or a whole lot cleared, we’ve got you covered. Trust us for reliable, affordable, and cheap tree removal services that won’t break the bank. Our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction ensure a hassle-free experience every time. Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our services.

Commercial Tree Removal

Our professional tree removal service is the best choice for commercial tree removal needs. We specialize in safe and efficient removal, including root removal, to ensure your property remains clear and safe. Our experienced team and advanced equipment allow us to complete jobs quickly and with minimal disruption.

Plus, we offer competitive pricing, making us a cost-effective option for your tree removal needs. Whether you’re dealing with a tree endangering your property or you want to clear space for new construction, we’re here to help. Trust our professional tree removal service to deliver top-notch results at a great price. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your service.

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